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Category Archives: traditions


we got it! we got it! we got it!


when stuffed with love

there can be nothing

that goes wrong.

in some of us

(a few of us)

we do it because we love it

(in every inch of our body)

and it is who we are

(and will be until we are too old to run and catch and come back)


and the world is ours

from gravel roads

to rainwater ponds

lost cows

and bare trees-

this great adventure

left to us as a gift

that we will share until they are mere tales

made real through story

and our grandchildren pick up the steps

we can no longer take

i wish i could step back

(in time and space)

to sit on a red velvet pew

(in an old church)

and hear the keys of the pipe organ

(that appears to reach toward heaven)

played by Grammy

(with her perfect white hair)

and listen to the beauty of timeless hymns

(found in hymnals and hearts)

sung by Papa

(his voice as deep as the caverns)


look (look up)

look up above (above in the heavens)

above in the heavens what do you see?



(you are

in my garden)


(you are

the woman i hope to become)


(you are

rain that replenishes the earth)


(you are

grace amidst tragedy)


(you are

beautiful beyond what your eyes can see)


(you are

home after a long journey)


(you are

my best friend)


(you are

peace, hope, and love)


(you are

the zinnias growing tall… in my garden)


sunday drives: an american pastime

no destination

or purpose

beyond admiring the world as it rolls by.

trees whisper

turtles make daredevil crosses

and it is beautiful, because beautiful is all it is meant to be.

the somewhere you end up

is where you were intended to go

is where God sent you to sooth your soul and quiet your heart.

roots grown deep

in the tradition of those who have driven before us

we drive.                                  (with OUR families, hearts, dreams, and prayers)