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Category Archives: church (without a name)

“from dust you come

to dust you shall return”



“look at my cuitar.  it’s mine.” (riley)

“riley- sing the song about flowers” (shannon)

“i don’t want to- i want someone else to sing it.” (riley)

“hey riley- you know who sings a lot of songs about flowers is christian” (jordan)

“where is he?  i want him to play my cuitar” (riley)

“he’ll be right back in as soon as he is done playing hackey sack.” (tucker)


on fridays- we eat. together.

we reach inwards from all walks of life

and learn

who we all are

as one person, and as a body.


this morning, tucker and i hosted morning prayer at 6am.  nobody came.  there was coffee and muffins (blueberry cornmeal).  we read our daily proverb, discussed what needed to be prayed over, and sat together as the sun began to light the sky outside and prayed.  nobody came.  it was the best morning that i have had in a very long time.

thursday we will try again.  perhaps with pancakes.  there may be two of us, and there may be fifteen.  regardless, i know that on thursday the coffee pot will begin to warm while it is still dark, the animals will gather at our feet (and on our laps) and we will pause, before the day begins, to pray.