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after looking forward to the one year anniversary of documenting my adventure in life through a lens, i missed it.  a year and two days ago tucker and i brought merlyn home.  on the same day, i challenged myself to take a photo a day and share them with family that feels so far away.  while i did not successfully take a photo a day, i took more than enough on certain days to make up for the severe lack on others.

now, merlyn is about 110 pounds bigger (as tall as me when he stands on his hind legs) and i have learned over and over that i love photography.  i love having a moment frozen in time, and i love all the people in my life that also take photos forming such a beautiful creative space- ladies (sarah, rachel, stephanie, ashley) you inspire me.

thank you all for supporting my journey and encouraging me to open my eyes to the beauty of this world each and every day- when we look, no matter what circumstances exist, it is all really and truly beautiful.  and thank you for believing in me.



  1. …and thank you Crystal for sharing your art with your Auntie far, far away. You inspire me to get out the camera shoot some shots!

  2. Yeah for a year!! Hope there are many more to come.

    • Stephanie Jackson
    • Posted August 31, 2010 at 10:04 am
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    It is you who is the inspiration! Through your photographs and writings, you have endeared me to the beautiful people and experiences of your world! Thank you for inviting others to share a glimpse into your life…you are truly talented and are going to do great things in this world! Although I don’t know you well, I would venture to say that you and I just may be kindred spirits. (or maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part) Please keep the posts coming, I (and many others) look forward to that little “glimpse” each and every day! 😉

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