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this is my first garden that has ever truly been mine.  this is the first place i have been given the opportunity to create a space out of living color, texture and size.  what a journey it has been- one of trial and error.

this is my first spring in my garden to watch life creep back into the dead leaves.  the purple verbena i thought was an annual but never got around to pulling is apparently a perennial and coming back in full force (i already went to get more) and the plum tree is 3/10 of a second from springing to life.  it is interesting to watch the new leaves take over the dead from last season in the lavender plants, and the green emerge beneath brown of a wintered coreopsis.  i planted a row of red tulips along the edge of the vegetable garden that are finally showing themselves, and the iris seem to have tripled since last year.  mommy sent me plants dug from the oregon ground that surround the entrance to my home, and the candytuft and thyme by the front gate seem to finally be winning the battle against merlyn.

there is a stillness in the rainy gray that nearly convinces me i can smell the carnations by the deck and the sun sweetened raspberries growing from their canes.  the strawberries hibernated well and are beginning their rampage again- i hope this year the birds leave some for the rest of us.  the buds on the flowering quince leave me holding my breath and the lilacs are all full of light green nubs.  the wisteria at the front door looks a tangled mess promising purple and i fear the oregano may take over our entire yard.  the peach trees are waiting on a bit more sun to share their pink flowers, the cherry waiting to fill my window with white.

my little garden is coming alive- the birds lay in wait, the butterflies will return, and the air will be filled with the symphony of ten thousand dancing fireflies.  what a beautiful season that reminds us all we may always begin anew with the gift of all we learned in the seasons before.


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