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blurdowntown lynchburgblur

It is perfectly FRUSTRATING to see a beautiful image, look through your camera to capture it only to find that YOUR CAMERA WILL NOT TAKE THE PICTURE.   Completely (from my side part to my flat feet) insanity inspiring and exhausting.  I finally turned the lens to the blurriest manual setting I could find and let the pictures be what they were intended to be.  Perhaps they tell the stories of broken hearts and fairies dancing through the sky as it turns dark.  One good thing that comes from a not so state of the art camera is that the colors that are oftentimes left behind are beautiful in their own right.

The images above are my half-successes.  Another day, I will again challenge the nighttime sky to let me freeze its beauty in an image that will last through the morning light.  I am glad that we are always left with something new to learn- how dull and dreary life would be without half-successes.


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