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Monthly Archives: October 2009

because of you

i know how to shimmer and sparkle

like sun reflecting off the stillness

of a warm summer day



for you mother

since i never post pictures of myself


this year, i decided to grow sweet potatoes.  it is an endeavor i have never before embarked upon, and one that i had no idea if it would bring success or not until months (and months) later.  today- i harvested my first EVER sweet potatoes.  the first few i dug up were not more than an inch in diameter… AND THEN… i found the biggest sweet potatoes i have ever seen!!!!  i am beyond thrilled, and will grow sweet potatoes every year until i am too old to dig them from the earth.  i did discover that i had (in all actuality) grown them entirely wrong, but that only means the harvest next year will be more plentiful.

in addition to the sweet potatoes, i harvested parsnips.  i was in the garden pulling the plants from summer so i could begin to prepare the soil for next season, when i found them.  i had thought that my parsley had gone unharvested and as a result had developed huge tops, but when i pulled it out of the ground, it looked like a white carrot, smelled like a white carrot, and was indeed a parsnip!  sorry rachel, but the big parsley tops were really the green of the parsnips.  i’ll save some for you 🙂

i love gardens.  they bring such joy and a sense of achievement.  i picked an eggplant today that had come from one of the seeds i started.  it was my first successful eggplant from seed and it is just perfect.  my zinnias are still throwing bright splashes of color into the sky, and the tomatoes refuse to give up for the end of the season.  thank you Lord, for your many blessings.


becca mccharen.  is amazing.


and i know we will make it

because when you stare off into space while we are in public

i no longer fear the rest of the world

will think we are on a bad date.

(i love you)


we are left with gifts

(little enough to not notice)

that we may only receive if we are looking

(with the spirt of a child)


a halloween parade

exactly as it should have been

with crying children

and smiles as big as circus tents

light green

a room full of mismatched chairs

learning that faith may only work through love (which is bigger than all else)

the spilling out of secret dreams

a silent tune to which we click our heels

friendship bread

and smiling again.  really smiling.


red leaves that shine like fire

buttoning my jacket to the top button

rising in the dark to begin the day

pumpkins & nutmeg

walks with threatening rain

baking bread (of lemon, wheat, grain, caraway rye, banana, and spice)

falling more and more in love

breathing crisp air

the dilemma of turning on the furnace

remnants of summertime left to be stumbled upon

red wine & whiskey

roasts and stews and soups and cobblers

cursing the bugs that have eaten my cabbage

holding hands

planting bulbs in wait of the seasons to come


coffee & pound cake

an awakening desire (deep within me- where it was nearly lost) to make art

naps with puppies and kittens


layers upon layers (upon layer after layer)

missing my family and friends

chickens roaming free

dreams for the future that change with the warm and cold days

gathering the last gifts from the garden

opening the curtains to welcome in the warmth of the sun


picking apples and digging potatoes

entering a new season full of mysteries and wonders

fill my room

(discourse of this nature and that)

with warmth left behind

from last season.

fill my room

(tales of here and there)

with laughter of friends

and time stretched before us.