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Monthly Archives: September 2009


i love you like i love the dancing curves of a seashell

but sometimes you make me want to cry.



bright lights and a dark sky

awaken my child

to watch cares flutter away like sparks from a campfire

that holds the secrets we tell

(in loud whispers)

and we are returned to a day when it was all much simpler

like raspberries holding hands with chocolate

it is icicles

driven deep into the spine.

and i want someone to hold my hand

to take away the exhaustion


without warning it has all changed with the gusts of fall

and we are left hands empty

like the child learning for the first time that snow melts.

it is the will of God and therefore holds a hope we can only desperately cling to

but in us we can not yet find understanding.

my heart feels like shoes on the wrong feet.


and we hold hope in the palm of our hands

like yellow on the coldest night in winter


look (look up)

look up above (above in the heavens)

above in the heavens what do you see?


follow my footprints and you will find

a story- my story

and in my story you find yourself

crying like a child

and desperately wanting to curl up in the comforting fold of a knowing embrace

because in the margins, your story joins mine

and we make purple


the joyful noise

was never expected to be a beautiful one

i do not know tomorrow

it has yet to awake and reveal its face.

today is what i know

it was beautiful.


she must think

this is all

completely ridiculous

.to its very core.