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Monthly Archives: August 2009




anita and riley are a spot of sparkels in my life.  they came over to meet merlyn today, and both looked so cute i couldn’t help but share them with you all.  anita makes jewlery and clothing, and riley is the most thoughful and intelligent little girl i have ever met.  today, riley asked me, “crystal?  can i sit on your broken rocking chair?”  perfect.  life for me is made beautiful by its little reasons to celebrate life.  they have taught me that there is pure joy in the world and inspire me to slow down so i can appreciate all that surrounds me a bit more.  they are lovely.


sunday drives: an american pastime

no destination

or purpose

beyond admiring the world as it rolls by.

trees whisper

turtles make daredevil crosses

and it is beautiful, because beautiful is all it is meant to be.

the somewhere you end up

is where you were intended to go

is where God sent you to sooth your soul and quiet your heart.

roots grown deep

in the tradition of those who have driven before us

we drive.                                  (with OUR families, hearts, dreams, and prayers)

meat shopwhite figmeatshoppreservedlemonbaconartisancheese

i wish i would have lived in a time where all fruits and vegetables came from a local farmer, fresh bread was baked at little bakeries, everyone’s meat came from the butcher, and milk was delivered each morning through its own special slot by the front door.  despite all the wishing my being is able to do, times have changed (have run screaming in the opposite direction).

lynchburg is behind the home i grew up in when it comes to healthy eating.  health food stores offer predominately supplements rather than food and have incredibly limited selections.  the concept of raw milk has been lost to the public and is viewed as a beverage consumed only by farmers who have stomachs strong enough to handle it (NOT true.  read about raw milk).  but despite the places where my little city falls short, there are beautiful businesses that refuse to let go of good food.  the bedford avenue meat shop is a new phenomena to the area and lives under the mantra of “providing food the way nature intended it.”  they are returning to the ideals of organic, local meats, cheeses and specialty items while asking customers to be aware of the food they are consuming.  and i am in love.

i am excited that people are beginning to turn back to the roots of american food.  market on saturdays is busier than i have ever seen it, and bakeries are expanding and opening new locations as demand grows.  i read somewhere that 7 million more americans had a garden this year than last, and the number appears as though it will grow in the future.  its really beautiful to see the impact recession has on our way of life in regards to food.  many people eat a bit less, but better foods and it just may change the world.  who knows?  maybe a few years down the road we will once again have milk slots by our front doors.  <crossing my fingers>

giant maso puppypuppy

there is really nothing else in the world quite like giant puppy feet finding their awkward rhythm as they learn to run.  bounding and leaping, merlyn played today.  he taught himself how to pick up the ball that is bigger than his head, found that growling while shaking a rope enhances the experience, and did his very best to acquire the the company of other friends as he tumbled across the lawn.  scout wants more than anything to play with the little one, but still has no idea what to do with him.  what i would give to bottle the gangly and joyful spirit of the circles little merlyn spins.  his back legs are much faster than his front leading to face-plants and tumbles.  tumbles, however, mean little to merlyn as he rolls round and round in as much dirt as possible and continues on his merry way.  when puppies play, there is a beautiful sense of freedom that we can merely envy as we watch them chase shadows in the yard.

merlynmerlyn tillman

there is a chaos: beautiful utter confusion

that begins with new life

glimpsing through unfiltered eyes: the world is big

and untainted

today was our first day with merlyn: little as can be merlyn

(blue eyes, wet nose, breath of a puppy)

we embark (step forward: journey: run screaming) into forever


because we have no idea how to raise something so beautiful: but we will learn

and we will love.